Top 10 Fundraising Platforms and Tools for Schools

Students can pay to form teams and embark on the hunt throughout a full school day, or even longer. The winning team may be the first to find every item on the list or the team with the most found at the conclusion of the event. Make the clues a little more challenging, and middle schoolers are sure to participate.
When people show the flyer to pick up their order, your preschool will get credit for the sale. Click here to learn more about this popcorn fundraising idea. Transparent and honest communication with your product fundraising company ensures that you are not caught by surprise at any point in your fundraiser. Savers FUNDriveIn this donation drive fundraiser, schools collect used items including clothing, shoes, bedding, toys, and books. Schools can take the items to a designated donation center or make other arrangements. Let us know in the comments at the bottom so we can add them to this list and share them with other readers.
Shop online for your school fundraiser or place a personal order using any images or artwork you’d like. Kick off summer with a good beach day as the end of the year approaches. Invite students to miss classes for a day in exchange for a donation. Increase the impact by offering an additional option to dedicate their time to a beach cleanup for an environmental nonprofit.
Since 1929, Virginia Diner has been providing your favorite nut mixes and now we’re able to offer this program to you in fundraising. Everyday and holiday gourmet delights, home essentials, & perfect presents. With a new donation option, your supporters can shop in our catalog, online or donate to help your fundraiser.
Maybe you’re a business owner wanting to give back to the community, or the PTA president at your child’s school. Whatever charitable cause you’re involved in, you know how important fundraising is. We have had entire basketball leagues who have participated in the Auntie Anne’s® Pretzel Fundraiser and have raised tens of thousands of dollars. This fundraiser comes with no-risk because we provide your basketball team with 1 FREE ORDER-TAKING BROCHURE for each member of your team. The Spinners® Fundraising Program is the world’s first re-usable fundraiser and is by far one of the most profitable basketball fundraiser programs on the market today. It’s a familiar and popular product, making it easier to attract buyers.
Give your students a fixed number of weeks to reach a set monetary goal for a school project. You might ask them to raise enough money to fund a field trip or fix up parts of the school. Make a snake fundraisers are an exceptionally easy way to engage your students.
Here at we have been helping nonprofits, youth sports teams and schools raise money with food fundraisers for the last 50 years. Some great ideas for family reunion Fundraisers are selling cookie dough, candy bars, scratch cards, discount cards and candles. Some teams like to do car washes, bake sales and rummage sales. Another good idea is to see if a local pizza place will allow you to hold a fundraiser where a portion of the proceeds goes to your team or sports league.
Then, tell your supporters they can have the flamingos removed for $10 each. Buck-a-pound fundraisers encourage participants to be accountable for their weight loss and bring in charitable funds no matter what the result. The traveling toilet fundraiser is a unique way to help your organization get flushed with cash! They’ll likely need a good soaping and spray down to look like new.
This is a fundraising activity that helps students understand how to reach out to the community and fundraise. Block off a day for the team to sit down and write letters to small businesses, sponsors and alumni asking for their support. For more complex fundraising events like this one, a handy school event planning checklist is a good place to start. We are a family-owned and operated business with the sole purpose of creating an inclusive and profitable fundraiser for all organizations. Please feel free to reach out via email, phone, or social media for more information.
To get started, take a minute and request a FREE sample kit of the top 10 fundraising ideas for kids. Best of all, any donations to an EdCo-hosted campaign are tax-deductible, and EdCo will grant you instant access to your funds. non profit fundraising ’ll process payments, provide donation receipts, send automatic thank you notes, and send the money directly to your bank account. By taking all the admin hassle out of the equation, EdCo team fundraising might be the perfect way to take your project to the next level. Collect one-time and recurring donations on your website with customized, mobile-responsive donation forms. You can collect registrations, accept discount codes, and engage guests with various marketing tools.