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John Gee, of the non-government group Transient Workers Count Too, said acknowledging that human trafficking exists could be embarrassing for the government, which likes to perpetuate Singapore’s squeaky clean image. Singapore should accept there is a problem, said Sallie Yea, an Australian consultant who has researched sex trafficking in Asia. Philippine embassy officials said Camille, a single mother, is among a growing number of Filipina women lured by human trafficking syndicates to Singapore, Southeast Asia’s wealthiest economy. The prostitution trade has proved itself to be ruthless and unmerciful in Singapore. Take for instance the case of Camille, a Filipina bar girl who was trafficked into the city-state for prostitution.
The first city that resonates in many persons’ mind when thinking about the Singapore is Sentosa. It is unarguably so because, Immediately recognisable to both locals and tourists, Sentosa is packed to the brim with activities. From gawking at aquatic wildlife at S.E.A Aquarium to exploring Universal Studios, there’s no shortage of things to do. Some the most popular beaches in Singapore are here alongside some of the finest bars, cafes and restaurants in the country. To get there, purchase a Sentosa Island pass from Vivocity Mall .
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