Many people assume that newspaper articles are primary sources, but it’s important to ask yourself some questions about the article before you include it in your research. ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more — from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations. The risk of developing cardiovascular disease is lower in people with obesity who have a genetic predisposition for high BMI than people with obesity influenced mainly by environmental factors such as lifestyle, researchers …
New research about self-gifting and the connection to self-care. The Johnson School, part of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, is now ranked the 8th MBA program worldwide among 100 of the top business schools in the Financial Times’ 2023 Global MBA Ranking. Students take on United Nations sustainable development goals at Dyson’s inaugural Grand Challenges Pitch Competition.
The production editor and production assistant copyedit the documents in-house. Publications such as our scholarly journal and member newsletter feature the latest developments in the field. Browse our specialized books or serials on various topics in conservation. We are pleased to announce the launch and call for research articles on the modelling of structural interventions and social enablers on HIV incidence and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa.
The study was the first to show in a controlled experiment using functional magnetic resonance imaging that exposure to diesel exhaust disrupts the ability of different … editorial news used small zircon crystals to unlock information about magmas and plate tectonic activity in early Earth. The research provides chemical evidence that plate tectonics was most likely occurring more than 4.2 billion years ago when life is thought to have first formed on our planet. This finding could prove beneficial in the search for life on other …
The Conversation has a monthly audience of 18 million users, and reach of 42 million through Creative Commons republication. Tunisia is behaving like many other countries confronted by social, political and economic challenges – it’s blaming migrants as a ploy to divert attention. Thousands in Tunis protest soaring prices, corruption and denounced recent comments by the Tunisian president against sub-Saharan migrants.
Authors should ensure sources are appropriately cited, i.e. the Conservation DistList, newspaper obituary, etc. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words but longer submissions are sometimes considered. The use of end notes and foot notes is not encouraged, although reading lists can be included as supplemental information. The editor and section editor, in coordination with the column contributor, solicits submissions from members. The editor reviews the column and makes the final determination on content.
With a growing interest in generative artificial intelligence systems worldwide, researchers have created software that is able to verify how much information an AI farmed from an organization’s digital … Multiple climate tipping points could be triggered if global temperature rises beyond 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, according to a major new analysis. Even at current levels of global heating the world is already at risk of passing five … Human embryo development and early organ formation remain largely unexplored due to ethical issues surrounding the use of embryos for research as well as limited availability of materials to study. Investigators now report on the creation of embryo-like structures from monkey embryonic stem cells.
People around the globe are so dependent on the internet to exercise socioeconomic human rights such as education, health care, work, and housing that online access must now be considered a basic human right, a new study … Antibiotic resistance and cancer are on the rise despite intense drug development efforts. Now, scientists release a research plan for evolutionary medicine, guiding the way for innovative biomedical therapies and better public health measures. An op-ed piece, short for “opposite the editorial page,” derives its name from originally having appeared physically opposite of the editorial page in a newspaper. Today, the term is used more widely to represent a column that represents the strong, informed, and focused opinion of the writer on an issue of relevance to a targeted audience.
Read the news articles from the day before and check if you remember all new words. The probiotic treatment provides an alternative to the use of the broad-spectrum … Humans have a way of understandings others’ goals, desires and beliefs, a crucial skill that allows us to anticipate people’s actions. This skill, often referred to as ‘theory of mind,’ comes easily to us as humans, but is still challenging for robots. Engineers have produced fully recyclable printed electronics that replace the use of chemicals with water in the fabrication process.