Digital Marketing Platform Guide: Definition & Examples

That’s because online marketing offers cost-effective solutions, like SEO, that can help your business reach its audience. Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing is extremely cost-effective. If Local SEO advertise online, whether on social media, websites, or search engines, you set your budget and bid for ad space. You have complete control over how much you spend, which isn’t the case when buying a billboard. B2C digital marketing’s primary goal is to get potential customers and customers to discover and engage with your brand by increasing your website’s traffic and increasing your content’s visibility. B2C digital marketing teams should choose consumer-focused channels, where B2C buyers are more likely to discover and engage with your brand.
There’s a wide variety of digital marketing job titles, all utilizing different skillsets and talents. If you’re interested in digital marketing, there’s a place for you and your interests. You’ve probably had the experience of seeing just the right ad at just the right time, when the internet mysteriously shows you the perfect product to solve a problem in your life.
SEO is the process of optimizing a site and its content to establish higher visibility in search engine results, according to Search Engine Journal. SEO is crucial because many consumers shop online, using search engines such as Google. When they type in certain keywords or phrases, the search engine generates results based on those specific keywords or phrases. According to Backlinko, the top Google search result has a 31.7% click-through rate. Plus, it’s easy to find marketing automation platforms that are integrated with your company’s sales CRM, which improves the entire sales process.
As I’ve mentioned, success in digital marketing requires mastering the details. In my book I explain how these 16 examples of different types of marketing technologies span 6 digital media channels, plus a range of paid media, owned media and earned media options. Our free digital marketing plan template has more details on the key decisions for each of these.
I have already recommended DMI to two marketers that are former colleagues. Had a great experience with the communication team at DMI – from day 1 they were super accessible and availabl… We have a range of programs to suit all needs, experience levels and interests. All available in bite-sized, best-in-class interactive formats that are updated constantly. Digital Strategy Discover the fundamentals of a developing a digital strategy. Partner with us to provide your students with industry-validated content and certifications.
The impact of social platforms extends across the entire purchase funnel, particularly as more consumers turn to social commerce. Digital marketers today must exercise caution in messaging regarding social issues, like public health and racism, given heightened consumer scrutiny over brand actions. Long-term brand health and equity, as well as revenue, are on the line. Digital marketing leaders must adjust to new challenges spanning privacy,data capture and targeted content deployment. Given pandemic-driven changes in customers’ digital habits, leading performers are leaning more heavily on customer data and segmentation tactics to deliver high engagement. They avoid quantity in favor of quality and emphasize targeted, personalized messaging that improves conversion and boosts email effectiveness.
That means your business uses multiple channels, like social, email, and search, to support an overarching strategy, like generating brand awareness, leads, or sales. Digital marketing, which is the practice of promoting a business through online channels like search, social, paid, and email, provides a powerful and cost-effective way to drive revenue. Keep reading to learn more about digital marketing’s meaning and how to use it for your company. It all started with mobile, which has impacted digital marketing in a huge way. Customers now expect more from their brands, and micromoments count.